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No.IV-21 wire mesh industry zone Anping County, Hebei Province,China

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Enterprise goal: to build a century-old foundation, create an international brand.
Core values: create value, achieve customers, wealthy employees, and benefit the society.
Corporate values: products are character, quality, quality, and excellence.
Work goal: The day of the day is high and the day is high.
Market concept: There is only the idea of off-season, there is no market in the off-season.
Enterprise tenet: To be a great enterprise with ethics, responsibility, culture, mission and vision.
Employing the concept: There are talents and talents to re-use, and there is no talent to cultivate and use, no morals and talents to limit employment, no virtue and no talent is determined not to use.
Entrepreneurial spirit: Dedication to the country, the pursuit of excellence.
Corporate style: respond quickly and act now.
After-sales service: Users are always right.